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I am priviledged to be a working musician. I don't get rich... but I love to entertain people. Music is a great form of communication, being able to share it with others is the greatest passion filled. So enjoy a look at my site, take the links to look and listen to live music and enjoy life. Hope to hear from anyone listening.

Hey....be sure to take the links from these pages to hear my work with other bands and Original Artists. Keep a check on the calender page for shows and events I will be playing.




Site Updates

 Be sure to check out ZEPP HEADS @ 



 Also check out the "Rick miller Band" @



You can now go to  http://myspace.com/indofrumbahtheband and check out INDOFRUMBAH. This is a cool place to get updated music and information regarding the band. You can also go to indofrumbah.com and order your copy of our latest CD "Thank me Now. I'll Tell You Later" a 13 song CD

"Blues Cat" the Debra Farris Band Cd has been released. The CD party was a complete success and we thank everyone for coming out to celebrate with us. Take link below to the DF web site to hear the new tunes and buy a CD.







I would love to hear from you. CLick on the e-mail link below or copy and paste in your e-mail....... mike_aka_the_drummer@hotmail.com




New Things to look for:


 This is going to be a great year musically for me. The "ZEPP HEADS" and "Rick Miller Band" are going to be performing at many events and venues in the Ventrua and LA counties. Be sure to take the links for both bands and join us on Facebook.





Please E-Mail me here to add your name to my mailing list. I will send out an e-mail once a month with updated shows.

"Dreamboat Annie' @ The Ojai Fest, Libby Bowl

pics at webers